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Our Vision

Our vision is to provide you clean environment by buying and recycling all types of scrap metals near your property whether they are cars, trucks, heavy metals, house holds metals and many more...

Who We Are

Fast Metal Recyclers buys all kinds of scrap metals including ferrous or non-ferrous metals in top-rated dollars and we also recycle every kind of scrap metal. If you have any kind of scrap metal at your property then you just need to contact us right now. Fast Metal Recyclers ensure that our environment is safe from all the hazardous, toxic substances scrap metals can release.


We are a Victoria-based metal recycler company and provide services in Shepparton, Echuca, Ballarat and Bendigo and other some small cities of victoria, Australia. Just call us or drop us a message to get the best deal ever.


We buy all kinds of metal scrap for top dollars

Top Dollars Heavy Metals

We buy your useless heavy scrap metals for top dollars. You can get top dollars for any kind of scrap metal including scrap cars and ferrous or non-ferrous metals. Fast Metal Recyclers can recycle your scrap metal. See for all kinds of heavy metals here...

Household Metals

You can also get paid for your useless household iron metals. kitchen sink, pots & pans, cutleries, utensils and so on are known household iron pieces that have taken space around your property or whether around your area.

Automotive Cars

Your scrap cars can be turned into the top dollars. Ask us for the price of your scrap metals including ferrous or non-ferrous metal, scrap cars, trucks, and other vehicles. Then we will tell you every scrap price which we can buy and recycle for you.

Other Iron Pieces

All other kind of metals are bought by us like Building materials, Roof sheets, Car parts, body sheet, radiators, engines, Electric wires etc

OUR Location

Reach us at the point on map or drop us message


Why should Trust Us?

Fast Metal Recyclers becomes one of the best metal recycling company over few times in the Victoria's limited area. Thousands of people believe in us and get deals daily. It is got chance for you to convert your useless scrap metals like old cars, trucks, machines, heavy iron pieces, household metals an many more into top dollars by us. It means you can have good cash for scrap metal or ferrous or non-ferrous metals at Fast Metal Recyclers. You did not only sell scrap metal but also scrap iron, scrap trucks, scrap cars, scrap kitchen sinks, scrap pots, and scrap household, scrap pans, etc. It can give you the best copper recycling service for any scrap metal that you want to recycle. Fast Metal Recyclers buy every kind of scrap metal which has been taken space at your property.
  • Address Info: 13 Gay St, Benalla VIC 3672, Australia, Bendigo, Shepparton, Echuca, Ballarat
  • Phone: 0412-315-595
  • FAX: 0412-315-595

About Us

Fast Metal Recyclers is one of the best scrap collecting and removing company in Victoria

We have best experts who can manage your scrap to be removed from your environment and place. We provide our services to the basic for areas in Shepparton, Echuca, Ballarat, Victoria

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Our Hours

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